HM-50BA Scissor-style Studio Boom Arm

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Professional Studio Scissor-style Boom Arm


The Superlux HM-50 is a professional studio scissors style boom stand. The balanced internal springs provide excellent balance and quiet, effortless adjustment of its position. The HM-50 easily handles heavy studio grade microphones and shock mounts. It makes for a professional-looking installation without cluttering up your work surface.


The Superlux HM-50 includes a balanced XLR 15 foot cable that is threaded thru a hollow channel in the stand providing built in cable management. The HM-50 is shipped with a "C" clamp mount that secures the stand to the table edge. Additional mounting options are included with a low profile flush mount stand and a 12 inch elevated mount to facilitate a variety of configurations and requirements.




  • Tension springs accommodate heavy studio mics and shock mounts
  • 5' professional XLR low impedance cable, pre-wired through tubing
  • 5/8x27 and 3/8x27 connector mount
  • Strong locking center hinge for stability
  • Quiet, effortless position adjustment
  • Ships with 3 mounts; "C" clamp mount, low profile flush mount and 12"� elevated mount
  • All metal construction