Lot of 4 Eliminator Mini Par UVW LED lights & Case package

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Mini Par UVW LED

UV + White Mini Par Fixture

Lot 0f Four & Case

Mini Par UVW LED This light can be used in multiple modes….Sound-activated, Auto, DMX or Master-slave.

Classic UV light effects, lightweight, portable unit, totally plug & play.

UV LED Black light fixture creates a special lighting effects that make fluorescent body paints and ink, balloons, candles, cosmetics,

bubbles, sticks and wall stickers glow in the dark; great for bands, clubs, dance, performance stage, theatrical productions,

DJ events and mobile light shows.

This light allow offers strobe effect. This fixture offers 9 – 1 Watt UV LEDs and 3 – 1 Watt White LEDs


9x1W UV Led's & 3x 1W White Led's

Auto ,sound & Master slave modes

2 Dmx channel modes ( 4 or 8 )

3 pin dmx input & out put

4 Push button menu with Led display

 CHS-FR4 Case

The CHS-FR4 VIP gear bag is a durable soft-sided gear bag that features four separate compartments perfect for safely transporting the Mini Par UVW LED ,Freedom Par Quad-4Freedom Par Tri-6 or Freedom Par Hex-4 – four at a time.

 Removable dividers and padding make the CHS-FR4 versatile enough to transform into a perfect gear bag to protect other fixtures and gear as well.

 Convenient side pockets allow you to carry cables, clamps and other handy accessories.


 Durable, soft-sided bag designed to transport up to 4 Freedom™ Par Tri-6, Freedom™ Par Quad-4 or Freedom™ Par Hex-4 fixtures

 Removable internal divider converts from 1 to 4 compartments

 Safeguard your investment during transport with interior padding

 Includes separate storage compartment to store needed accessories

 Safeguard your fixtures during transport with padded, internal compartments

 Save time during setup and teardown with easy access to each compartment


 Weight: 2 lb ( 0.9 kg )

 Size: ( internal ) : 11 x 10.5 x 7.2 in. ( 279 x 267 x 183 mm )

 ( per compartment ): 5.4 x 5.7 x 7.2 in. (138 x 145 x 184 mm )

 Compartments:: 3 to 6 ( 1 or 4 internal, 2 external )