* Super Sale DMX TERMINATOR 3-PIN PLUG (Has a 120ohm resistor inside) to prevent signal Loss - SEE VIDEO *

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Standard 3-Pin


If you have DMX Lights, you will need to use a 120 Ohm DMX TERMINATOR!

Our 3-Pin Terminator is simply plugged in to the LAST light in your set up.

It's that simple!


If you only have 2 or 3 DMX lights, you might not have any DMX SIGNAL PROBLEMS whatsoever, but, when you get up to a 100 feet of DMX Cables, or more,  there is a very good chance you will start noticing some problems like: Flickering of your lights or some of the lights near the end of your set up are not working or seem to be doing their own thing!


By simply plugging a 120ohn DMX TERMINATOR in your last light, you will completely end those problems!